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Current Wines Available:


2017 Chardonnay, Celilo Vineyard ($30/$24 club) – The 2017 vintage of the Chardonnay from Celilo Vineyard is a stunner, showcasing mineral and abundance of citrus. 13.3% abv.

2017 Gewürztraminer White, Oak Ridge Vineyard (Regular $26, Club $20.80) – Made with organically farmed grapes from Oak Ridge Vineyard, exhibits tropical fruit and white flowers. We still have some Orange version (skin contact) made with the same grape if you want to compare and contrast the two Gewürztraminer wines. 13.9% abv.

2017 Sauvignon Blanc, Red Willow Vineyard, Yakima Valley (Regular $20, Club $16.00) – From a field blend of 8-clones, this wine is crisp, dry and mineral-driven. Perfect with raw or cooked seafood finished with lemon and fresh herbs. 13.0% abv. **ALMOST SOLD-OUT**

2017 Grüner Veltliner, Underwood Mountain Vineyards, Columbia Gorge (Regular $21, Club $16.80) – In a way, having any of this wine this year is a miracle, due to the very difficult harvest conditions in this area of the Columbia Gorge. The wine turned out well and shows a different side of the grape than the last vintage, a little drier and a little more pepper on the nose. We expect this has some room for development, with time in the bottle. 12% abv. **SOLD-OUT**

2017 Riesling, Underwood Mountain Vineyards, Columbia Gorge (Regular $21, Club $16.80) – This wine offers bright acidity with notes of Meyer lemon and apricot. Try with savory Chinese or spicy Thai/Indian food. Our 2013 vintage was named White Wine of the Year in Seattle Magazine. 11.5% abv.

2016 Chardonnay, Celilo Vineyard, Columbia Gorge (Regular $28, Club $22.40) – From one of the oldest vineyards in WA, made with a combination of tank and barrel lots. It offers refreshing acidity, balanced by rich apple, restrained oak, and a long finish. Native-fermented. 13.2% abv.


2017 Cabernet Franc Rosé, Red Willow Vineyard, Yakima Valley (Regular $24, Club $19.20) 
– This rosé is made with direct press method, where whole clusters were loaded directly into the press (with-out destemming), and given a light pressure and brief skin-contact time before being pressed off. This wine offers notes of red berries and savory herbs. 11.9% abv.

2017 Gerwürztraminer Orange, Oak Ridge Vineyard, Columbia Gorge (Regular $26, Club $20.80)
– The return of the orange wine! We started working with Oak Ridge vineyard and their expressive, older-vine rendition of this grape last year and we feel like we are working with 2 of the most passionate farmers in WA. 100% Organically Certified grapes. This version was fermented on the skins and so the aromatics are Gerwüztraminer, but the skin-contact adds another dimension of flavors, tannins, and texture. 16-days skin contact. 12.7% abv.


Cab Franc: 

2017 Cabernet Franc, Two Blondes Vineyard ($32/$26.50 club) – Our exploration of single-vineyard Cab Francs continues into a new vineyard, which shows another side of our favorite varietal. Think Cab Franc meets Cru Beaujolais. This vintage offers roasted green pepper and raspberry flavors and is a must-try for Cabernet Franc lovers. Try comparing this with our 2017 Copeland Vineyard example to see how terroir makes a difference! 12% abv.

2017 Cabernet Franc, Copeland Vineyard, Rattlesnake Hills (Regular $30, Club $24.00) – Our signature cab franc from an excellent vintage, with more texture and a little more red fruit. After 7 vintages of Franc at this vineyard, I think it is in the top 3. 20% whole-cluster, unfiltered. 11.9% abv.

2016 Cabernet Franc, Copeland Vineyard, Rattlesnake Hills (Regular $28, Club $22.40) – 17-year old vines, from the same vineyard we started with in the 2011. Situated at almost 1,300 ft elevation on sandy rocky soils. Like all our wines, the wine is made without any manipulation of the fruit at the winery and all-natural fermentation. 12.5% abv. **ALMOST SOLD-OUT**

Côt (aka Malbec, ours are lighter-bodied, more Loire-style and reminiscent of a Gamay or Beaujolais…):

2017 Côt, Dineen Vineyard, Rattlesnake Hills (Regular $28, Club $22.40)
– Now that we do 2 different vineyard versions of this grape (aka Malbec), it is so cool that the wines are almost polar opposites of each other, but fit together perfectly and both have a place at the dinner table. This one is the more savory and lighter-bodied one. A very unique wine that’s fun to drink. Reminds me a lot of the 2014, which is one of my favorites. 100% whole-cluster. 11.2% abv.

2016 Côt, Boushey Vineyard, Yakima Valley (Regular $32, Club $26.50) 


2014 Syrah, Les Collines Vineyard (Regular $32, Club $26.50) – Syrah from Les Collines Vineyard in Walla Walla is back with the 2014 vintage. The 2013 vintage was selected by Seattle Magazine as the best Syrah ($25-40). This Syrah is rich in color, fragrance, and taste, a perfect pairing with a cool fall evening in front of a fireplace. 14% abv.

2016 Syrah, Red Willow Vineyard, Yakima Valley (Regular $28, Club $22.40) – Red Willow Vineyard was the first vineyard in Washington state to plant Syrah, back in 1988. We have the utmost respect for the Sauer family and their long legacy of grape farming in the Washington state wine scene. This is our first Syrah from the vineyard, from a new site known as the “lavender block”, on the Marcoux hill, using cuttings from those original vines. So this is just 3-year old fruit. It clocks in at a lower alcohol level rarely seen in WA Syrah, 12.4%, and has Red Willow aromatics of brine, mulled cherry, and meat. The wine was fermented using 50% whole clusters and aged in neural barrels for 4 months. 12.4% abv. 

2016 Syrah, Underwood Mountain Vineyards (Regular $42, Club $33.60) – 12.8% abv. SOLD-OUT
Other reds:

2016 Counoise, Marcela Vineyard ($26/$20.80 club) – Last year’s Cinsault from Marcela Vineyard quickly became a club favorite. In this release, we are introducing another lesser-known grape varietal, Counoise (pronounced “Coon-wahz”), from the same vineyard. This wine shares many similarity to the Cinsault, tart cranberry and rhubarb with savory herb notes. We only produced 66 cases of this fun and unique wine. If you liked the Cinsault from last year, make sure you stock up on this wine before it’s all gone. Unfiltered. 11.8% abv. – ALMOST SOLD-OUT

2016 Pinot Noir, Underwood Mountain Vineyards ($35/$28 club)  – The wait is over for the 2016 Underwood Mountain Pinot Noir and it was definitely worth it. The nose has many classic Pinot notes: fennel, pencil lead, and cranberry. The wine offers strawberry and sarsaparilla cola with velvety mouth feel and lingering finish. We only produced 109 cases of this wine. Unfiltered. 14% abv.

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Willow Vineyard, Yakima Valley (Regular $35, Club $28.00) – This wine has had a few years to settle in and we think it is ready to be unleashed. Powerful but elegant, aromatic and meaty, purity of fruit, along with great acidity. A very “Red Willow” expression. Unfiltered. 14.2% abv.